Why CLI?

What sets us apart from our competitors is the utilization of next-gen Marketing Technology. Our Marketing a IT dept. works hand in hand to get your business firing from all cylinders.
In addition to a full-service Marketing Team, our Media Experts provide high-quality content via photo or video. Shooting with the best technology available, we ensure picture perfect results every time!

Marketing & Media

Marketing your business is one of the most crucial factors of running a business.
At CLI, we implement a high-tech marketing approach complimented by a well-versed media team to ensure growth for businesses of any size or industry.

Marketing Services

CLI Solutions Marketing Capabilities

CLI Solutions understands the impact digital marketing has on small to large businesses in this day of age. Businesses are facing new challenges and benchmarks periodically that require new marketing strategies and goals.
To tackle those goals, we have implemented a successfully proven strategy that increases customer traffic while also understanding what the customer desires. Utilizing the most advanced software analytical programs, our marketing experts are able to pinpoint the perfect audience. Knowing your customer and what they want is the foundation of marketing, performing it digitally helps your business reach numbers that once seemed unimaginable.

Digital Marketing Benefits

Instant Real Time Results

CLI views real time results as the single-most important factor of marketing. With digital marketing, your brand or product is able to be viewed in a digital form such as social media, online, through affiliate websites. CLI’s core marketing strategy revolves around this as we are able to manipulate analytical data acquired through different software programs. Once this data is acquired and saved, we use every digital advertisement possible to bring your business or product to customers that are already interested in the product. Our marketing experts have perfected this craft and we are able to bring awareness and visibility to numbers that once seemed unimaginable to our clients.

Social Media Management

On the Internet, content is king. Every month there are 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, more than 1 billion on Instagram, and hundreds of millions on other social media platforms. Of course, it is not just about creating volumes of material, even though it helps. It is all about finding the right content hooks to engage the audience and earn their trust. It’s a subtle form of marketing, and this capability sets apart the winners.


Social media is a powerful amalgamation of network effect, content, and opinion. Understanding the social media landscape well and harnessing the power of the network is an essential marketing capability in the digital age. CLI has social media experts ready in place to manage all forms of social media accounts and post relevant content to increase traffic and an overall following.

Companies that have a cult-like following tend to gain several benefits. First, this group is loyal and will be the first adopters. Second, the strident voices and informed opinions will help in gauging the pulse and getting feedback. However, an active community needs constant engagement and doses of excitement to survive and thrive. This is done by performing social media posts regularly and engaging with the audience! The amount of social media posts performed on a weekly basis is dependent on the amount of traffic the company’s social media account sees. This is extremely relevant due to the fact you do not want to be posting daily on a social media account that has few followers to avoid being unfollowed due to spam-like posts in user’s social media feed. Our social media team understands the content audiences want to see; each business has a certain audience that CLI Solutions tailors our social media strategy to.