Meet Our Founder

Husein Atari

Husein Atari, President/CEO

Mr. Husein Atari Joined the United States Air Force in 1989, He started his career in Aerospace Medicine at the MacDill Hospital. Mr. Atari’s Middle Eastern background and his expertise in all Arabic dialects landed him at the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), where he quickly became the Command’s cultural advisor, one of the most prestigious positions he held in uniform and as a contractor.

Mr. Atari provided high quality Interpretation and cultural support to several Generals in the Command, to include USCENTCOM Commanders, General Franks and General Zinni, and two Intelligence Directors; Brigadier General Kimmons, and Brigadier General Custer.

Much of Mr. Atari’s work directly impacted policies dealing with Middle East countries. After his 13 years in the US Air Force, Mr. Atari came back to USCENTCOM as a Department of Defense Contractor where he was instrumental in establishing and expanding the Open Source unit in CENTCOM.

Mr. Atari completed his education in Tampa, at USF and in September of 2005. In the same year, he established CLI Solutions which has supported USCENTCOM continuously since.

Mr. Atari is a man of faith, family, patriotism, and believes in several principles, honesty, integrity, and treating other as he likes to be treated. He believes strongly in taking care of his employees and building a strong and long-lasting relationship with other companies.