Intelligence Support

We have nearly a decade of experience providing intelligence support to global counter terrorism operations performing HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, and IMINT collection, processing, analysis, production, and distribution of finished intelligence for key decision makers, stakeholders, and operators.

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have expert knowledge of terrorist groups and individuals, a detailed understanding of the socio-political-economic environments that contribute to and/or foster terrorist recruitment, and strategic and operational experience that provides the context for developing superior analytical products.

Our professionals disseminate products, communicate with planners, and provide input to the construct and ongoing evaluation of operations, achievement of objectives, measures of performance, and assessment of mission effectiveness.

Our SMEs fuse qualitative and quantitative data derived from academic, social media, crowdsourcing, grey/deep web, and intelligence sources relying on advanced statistical and geospatial technologies and methodologies to provide the framework for predictive and pattern analysis.

We provide the following Intelligence Support to our customers:

  • All-Source/Open Source Intelligence
  • Counterterrorism and Targeting
  • Human Terrain Analysis
  • Collection Management
  • Deliberate Planning
  • Information Operations and Security
  • Interagency Coordination
  • Customized Intelligence Products