Where is CLI Solutions’ located?
Our corporate headquarters is in Tampa, Florida. CLI Solutions’ address is: 8875 Hidden River Parkway, Tampa, FL 33647.

Who are CLI Solutions’ customers?
CLI Solutions major customer is the US Government or Primes supporting the US Government in providing quality products and services. For further details, please visit our “Contract Vehicles & Proposal Efforts” draw-down window and click “Contract Vehicles” to see what contract we’ve done and with whom. You can also contact us by navigating to our main menu “Who We Are” draw-down window and clicking “Contact Vehicles” for more specific inquiries.

Who are your business partners?
Please visit our company website and click on the draw-down window “Who We Are” and select “Partners”.

How can our company become a CLI Solutions business partner?
We’re always looking for highly qualified and energetic business partners. Please navigate to the top of the Menu and go to “Who We Are” draw-down and click on “Contact”. All the information is provided to get in contact with the appropriate POC or call our corporate headquarters at (813) 872-0600 and request to speak to our business development team. General Information: info@clisolutions.com


Where are some of the job positions located?
We have many work locations available throughout the United States and the world. In the U.S., we have some position vacancies in Georgia, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Hawaii, Maryland and Virginia; however, this changes continuously. Occasionally, we also have opportunities in Europe and throughout the Middle-East.

If I have questions on specific posted positions or I would like more information about CLI Solutions, who could I contact?
CLI Solutions’ have many methods of communications. We can be contacted by going to our CLI Solutions Website and go to the “Who We Are” draw-down and click “Contact”, contact thru Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, send email to: resume@clisolutions.com or calling our landline (813) 872-0600.

If I was referred for a specific position and wasn’t hired. Will you consider my resume for other opportunities?
CLI Solutions manages and maintains one consolidated resume databases. If you would like to be considered for employment for more than one position, you must register and submit your candidate profile and notify our recruiters in which positions you are interested.

What full-time jobs are available?
Availability of full-time jobs changes daily. To search current available positions, visit our main menu Careers draw-down and select “Position Vacancies” Menu. Please register, so we can assist your inquiries.

Can I apply for multiple openings at CLI Solutions?
CLI Solutions manages and maintains one consolidated resume database. If you would like to be considered for employment for more than one position, you must register and submit your candidate profile and notify our recruiters in which positions you are interested.

I recently submitted my information for a position. What’s the next step?
When you apply for a position, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation acknowledging our receipt of your application. Recruiters review candidates to identify those whose experiences and qualifications most closely match the position specifications. We appreciate your patience as we carefully review each candidate’s background and credentials against the experience and qualifications sought for the opportunity.
If you’re identified as a candidate, you’ll be contacted by a recruiter who will outline next steps. If you’re not identified as a fit for the position you applied for, you still may be contacted about other opportunities that align with your profile and/or interests. Your profile will remain on record for up to one year after you create or edit it.

Once I submit my resume, will I hear back from a recruiter?
We try to provide feedback to all potential candidates. However, currently we don’t have the capability to personally respond to every resume/application we receive. However, if your qualifications, credentials and experience align with the position you applied for or other open positions, a recruiter may contact you to discuss the next steps.

What benefits are available for full-time employees?
Full-time employees at CLI Solutions are offered competitive benefits that help our employees succeed at work and at home. While specific benefits and programs may vary by geographic location, we offer comprehensive benefits to all employees around the world.

What is a Security Clearance or Clearance Level?
Each job position will indicate if a security clearance is required or not, to include the level of clearance required. If the job position indicates TS/SCI, that means a candidate must have a current ACTIVE TOP SECRET Clearance to be considered for that specific job vacancy. The security clearance requirements are not optional and candidates without the required clearance for any specific position are only considered if they meet the security clearance requirements. CLI Solutions does not submit security applications for potential candidates for job positions and expect candidates to have an active clearance when applying. The same goes for other clearance levels, unless there are no security clearance level requirements for the specific position(s).

Where should I send my resume to?
For immediate consideration, please register your profile and submit your resume online via our Website (Join Our Team). Once registered, be sure to apply to those positions that best match your skills, qualifications and interests.

Does it matter what my resume looks like or format?
Be sure to research typical resume formats like “chronological” or “functional” so it best showcases your skills. Also, be accurate in describing what your skills are, and how your skills align with the Basic Qualifications of each role to include security clearance level and status. It is best to tailor your resume for each specific job you’re interested in and qualified for, since recruiters do not assume skillsets or experience based on previous position titles.

What qualities are you looking for when hiring candidates?
We’re always looking for individuals who are committed to ethics and integrity, mission-motivated, passionate about solving problems, technically proficient, and strive to lead innovation in their fields of expertise.

What is the hiring process like?
First and foremost, you should register and create a candidate profile on our website in order to apply to any position. You only need to create a profile once, and you may update or modify it as often as necessary. Depending on the position, our recruitment team may conduct phone interviews, followed by one or several (in-person when possible) technical interviews before an employment offer is extended.

How can I increase my chances of getting hired by CLI Solutions?
Be sure to research our company, network with your friends, family and peers and follow us on social media, so you can receive updates on various CLI Solutions recruitment activities. Take part in our social media postings and review our calendar of events to find out when a CLI Solutions representative will be in your local area. We encourage social media and professional media connections from prospective candidates.

What are the salary ranges for CLI Solutions positions?
Our competitive salaries are determined by comprehensive market surveys according to skill, discipline and level. Our performance recognition approach is designed to continuously assess proper placement within the market range. The salary may vary based on position level, skillset, scope of work and geographic location.

Do you provide relocation assistance?
The short response is “depends”. This is not a “yes” or “no” answer, since some positions offer relocation based on location and customer requirements, while some do not due to location and contractual specification. We suggest that you review the job description for any position you’re interested in to see if you’re eligible and if the description doesn’t outline relocation assistance, we discuss the details.

Does CLI Solutions conduct job fairs?
Yes. Currently we are scheduled to participate at the MacDill AFB, FL job fair, but may join other job fairs throughout the US in the future. Please check out MacDill AFB website for current scheduled events.

Are there specific steps to ease my military-to-civilian transition?
Yes, you can take courses through your Military Transition Assistance office, and network with alumni, associates and military service members. You should also thoroughly research career areas that you’re interested in and have experience, clearly define your career goals and discuss them with recruiters and potential hiring managers during and prior to your career search.

What is your process for accepting resumes and interviewing those in the military?
When you are planning your transition from the military, we recommend you research the many types of positions we employ in our various programs and job locations. When you are close to transitioning (within 60-90 days of actual military separation), you should submit your resume via our career site and apply to current positions that best match your skills and interests. If you have had access to or have worked on any of our programs, additional information may be required depending upon your military occupation, which could include disclosing any conflict of interests, documentation or letters from your JAG office.