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Our Business Solutions Package features the main services needed to run your business all in one place! We make growing and running your business much easier to let you focus on what matters most


Google Management

Intelligence Support

Marketing Services

Media Services

Professional Services


Strategic Training & Support

Translation & Interpretation

Website Development


CLI is dedicated to giving the highest quality service in all we do

Google Management

Google Management consists of managing your business from all aspects related to google. That includes: Ads/PPC, Analytics, My Business, Reviews, Search, and etc. Our process to managing your google business is fully transparent and we offer 24/7 reporting through any Google Management service available. Our goal is to have your business running optimally on Google’s platform.

Intelligence Support​

Our subject matter experts (SMEs) have expert knowledge of all source Intelligence analysis. They have a full understanding of the socio-political-economic environments that contribute to and/or foster terrorist recruitment, and strategic and operational experience that provides the context for developing superior analytical products. Our SMEs fuse qualitative and quantitative data derived from academic, social media, crowdsourcing, grey/deep web, and intelligence sources relying on advanced statistical and geospatial technologies and methodologies to provide the framework for predictive and pattern analysis.

Marketing Services ​

CLI Solutions understands the impact digital marketing has on small to large businesses in this day of age. Businesses are facing new challenges and benchmarks periodically that require new marketing strategies and goals. To tackle those goals, we have implemented a successfully proven strategy that increases customer traffic while also understanding what the customer desires. Utilizing the most advanced software analytical programs, our marketing experts are able to pinpoint the perfect audience. Knowing your customer and what they want is the foundation of marketing, performing it digitally helps your business reach numbers that once seemed unimaginable.

Media Services​

Our Media Services feature high quality animations, commercials, content creation, interactive videos, photography & videography services, and video editing. You need a media team experienced in their craft to produce the best possible result, since 2005 CLI has been perfecting our media capabilities working with the best experts around! No matter the project size or description, we will be ready.

Professional Services​

Our Professional Services staff focuses on creating innovative, cost-effective solutions for defense, intelligence and general administrative customers. From current, modernization and sustainment to supply chain and information systems management, training, and project management; we offer full program, lifecycle support to meet our customers’ mission requirements.
We provide industry-leading Program Management Methodologies (Agile or Waterfall) to assist our clients with performance, quality, timeliness and efficiency to meet organizational requirements. Our scalable and client-centric program management and program integration are the keys to success of all projects. We utilize our proven methodology to identify risks and develop appropriate mitigation strategies with sufficient controls in place to ensure that projects are completed on-time, within budget, and aligned with our client’s strategic vision and goals.


Our success with the recruiting services are based on innovative, internal processes and methodologies that together allow staff to outperform our competitors while fostering a results-driven culture. Our staff is committed to open, frequent communication with our customers and end-users. We are client and mission-focused, with our rapid response times providing customers the desired results sought. We seek to understand our clients’ specific requirements, beyond just technical skills, and we maintain close relationships with our customers to find the right fit for all parties in record time. We take a hands-on approach and do all the legwork for you when it comes to identifying potential candidates for an open position.

Strategic Training & Support

We provide just in time cultural advisor support to armed forces units both CONUS and OCONUS. And we offer deployment of cultural advisors and language trainers to support missions as they are in transit to their operational areas.
We have been on the leading edge of the foundation of Open Source (OSINT) analysis, specifically in support of US CENTCOM. Our support and assistance with the development of OSINT analysis has extended not only within the CENTCOM community, but also to work within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) through the provision of native level speakers and analysts providing communication analysis.

Translation & Interpretation

We provide advanced level of translation and interpretation with cleared native-level speakers.
Our translators, linguists, and cultural analysts are integrated within the national defense intelligence enterprise and represent a critical component of various operational teams. CLI Solutions ensures our operational forces have an inside advantage understanding the local dialects and culturally significant details of the mission Area of Responsibility (AOR) through deep immersion within the local and regional populations. Our translators are the most experienced in the Tampa area and we are focused on providing high-quality services.

Website Development​

We help you to take your business to the next level with a professional website with an online presence. Our goal is to deliver each and every client a designing creative, results-driving website that fits your business and budget. we offer custom solution infusing the latest trends, techniques, and technologies with e-commerce websites or any type of website that fits your requirments. Also, we take care of your website maintenance from A to Z. We help you do the necessary modifications as time goes and new trends appear allowing you to stand above the competition.
Our solutions are not just web designing, our team has mastered the strategic marketing for websites. Thus our team will design every element of your website to move your prospect through the sales funnel.

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